In the most basic sense, signs are a method of communicating. A way to let clients, customers, members, friends and neighbors know who you are, what you do (or – what you want them to do), where you are, when you are there, and so on. It may seem simple, but finding the “best” way to communicate these things can be complex. We at Logan Design really listen to you and work to understand all your communication objectives. We’ll advise on materials – would a lightweight corex (corrugated plastic) suffice, a thin .032 aluminum or maybe the thicker 4mm Dibond is called for. Of course, your back lit sign will be produced on acrylic, using translucent vinyl. Or, maybe your signs need to be reflective. We’ll help with color choices and layout, even with the sign permits through the city. We’ll go step by step, from proof to production, to make sure your signs communicate your message accurately and attractively. Quotes are always free, so stop in and let’s chat! We are here Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm. Or, call 541-474-7127 / email


There are various sides to custom signs in that it serves as the perfect advertising tool to inform the public. Charity events, festivals, public gatherings, golf tournaments, street signs, traffic signs, monument signs, and more. Maybe you need to attract the attention of your local community. Logan Design can assist by creating awareness with the public in an inexpensive, yet effective way.

Custom signs for business are ideal for advertising products and services. You may have a new concept that you would like to broadcast to everyone. can help design signs for a business that will draw attention to your new venture. Things like vehicle magnets, sidewalk signs, window graphics, vehicle lettering, printed signs, etc., will help to advertise what you have to offer.

A reputed sign making company like Logan Design possess the necessary expertise to increase sales for your business through state of the art custom signs. For instance, customized signs have the potential to increase sales and customer loyalty

In one scenario, just the addition of a small directional sign to indicate where the entrance was resulted in a weekly increase in revenue of between 4 to 12 percent.

Signs can also be used to caution or warn the public. Sign creation companies can assist companies who are concerned about local regulations and guidelines so design the various safety signs.

Signs for helping customers identify your business. Any type of signs serves as an effective marketing tool to ensure your target market get to know about your existence, which directly affects the amount of revenue you can make as a business owner.

Having a well-functioning sign is critical to the survival of your business. Logan Design can provide you with proper advice regarding where the sign should be placed as well as the size and design of it. If it is your mission to attract new prospects, then you should let assist you in designing and developing the best ever customized signs for your business.

What Can You Expect from Logan Design?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can just verify, then buy your custom signs in way less time than what you’d have to put up with when doing business with other sign companies? Simplicity is the name of the game for Oregon Signs who had a hand in creating hundreds if not thousands of templates. Customers are allowed to upload the artwork of their choice so the specialists at Logan Design can put together the sign that you wanted for your business.

Outdoor Custom Signs

There is no question about it that potential customers from all over would pass by your business on a daily basis. You can make it work for your business by putting a well designed and well-placed custom sign on your property. Why not make your business premises work for you. After all, you must have paid top dollar for it. Have you thought of making use of an outdoor sign? It sure will provide you with the opportunity to get your location to become a cash cow.

Besides, outdoor signs will last for a very long time. These are extremely durable and will outlast harsh weather conditions. is ready to help you design a professional custom sign that is sure to get those customers to stop in their tracks.

There is simply no better way to put your message across than making use of custom outdoor signs.

After all, the word sign already tells the observer that the person using this kind of advertising medium means business and will provide exceptional value down the line. Right from the small engraved signs to the larger channel lit signage you so often find at local supermarkets.

At Logan Design, they specialize in rotary engraved and laser signs, vinyl lettering, full-color banners, and more. Speak to the professionals at to develop a state of the art custom sign for you.

Just like any other sign creating company who has been at it for decades already, Logan Design goes from strength to strength to design and build your signs just the way you like it. Should you have any questions or concerns about the order you placed, it is then a case of simply picking up the phone and call (541) 474.7127.